NaviGate Cardiac Structures, Inc. (NCSI)

NaviGate Cardiac Structures Inc. (NCSI) is an early-stage company focused on developing transcatheter solutions for the treatment of atrioventricular valve regurgitation. The NaviGate valved-based technology was licensed from Cleveland Clinic and further modified and developed by NCSI.

"Mitral regurgitation and Tricuspid regurgitation are clinical conditions, needing Solutions."

This problem affects millions of people worldwide.

NCSI has developed potential solutions for both interventionalists and surgeons to treat Mitral regurgitation and Tricuspid regurgitation.

Have begun 15-30 patient Trans-Atrial feasibility trial to obtain preliminary Safety & Efficacy data for the Mitral valved stent

Engineer Testing Accelerated Wear
Engineer Testing Accelerated Wear
Outflow view of Replacement Valve
Outflow view of Replacement Valve

NCSI Device


NCSI valves are offered in 3 sizes for each application to capture the range of dilated mitral valve annulus or tricuspid valve annulus.